#SHOWTHELOVE for Maile Wong

#SHOWTHELOVE is about celebrating bold, thought-provoking, inclusive theatre. It’s about saying “celebrating diverse, intersectional people and their stories MATTERS and can change minds and hearts.”

I’m a part of this campaign because I want to build empathy, tolerance, and compassion in this world. Our country stands divided and we need to change that. We need new stories. We need new ideas.

Last summer, I participated in Intiman's 2016 Emerging Artist Program (IEAP), a program for developing theatre artists who seek to collaborate with other diverse, social-justice minded artists, and to grow artistically and professionally ( find out more about the program here: http://www.intiman.org/emergingartistprogram/). The program radically changed my perspective about what can be accomplished and the empathy for others that can be cultivated, through theatre and the power of storytelling. You can see IEAP graduates all over the city making art and changing lives!

I’m a part of this campaign - and hope you’ll join me - because I want be in a community that is full of perspectives that challenge, inspire, and motivate me.

Intiman is making theatre that leaves me wanting more - theatre that changes our community one audience at a time.

Join me. Together we can be bold, brave, and inclusive.



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