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#SHOWTHELOVE for Jennifer Zeyl

Jennifer Zeyl

Hello, theatre fans and family!!

This year's #SHOWTHELOVE campaign is personal. After retiring $2.7 million in debt at the close of 2018, Intiman enters 2019 free of the shadow that comes with debt and hungry to make work, build community and cultivate theatre-makers! At this moment, we are vision-rich and cash-poor.

Supporting Intiman supports the next generations of theatre-makers and preserves a place of emergence in our industry. If you believe that’s necessary work, there is a place for you in this. We vote with our dollars every time we spend money.

In addition to our 2019 Season of Main Stage Productions, we continue to grow our education programs and deepen the scope of service to emerging theatre-makers.

Join me. Let’s be wild. Let's be wicked. Let's stay woke. I believe that every penny adds up and that together, we can do something HUGE. I promise.


raised of $2,500 goal

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1. ACAysan Celik
You guys are doing amazing work and I only wish I could see the shows!!!
2. MAMichael Amend
3. BHB P H
Love you, JZ!
4. MMMarty Mukhalian
5. ABAndrea Bush
Hooray for Intiman!
6. MLMichael Katell & Sarah Leyrer