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For nearly 50 years Intiman has been a vibrant part of the national theatre community producing theatre that is relevant to our time and as diverse as the community in which we live. We relish our role(s) as artists, activists, community organizers, and #lovers of good stories - which is why everything we do is aimed at addressing American inequities head-on and instigating change.

Pictured, left to right: Andrew Russell, Shaunyce Omar, Maile Wong, Dominique Thomas

Since Intiman's comeback year in 2012, we’ve been doing more and more work that deals with equity, diversity, inclusion, and art-making. As you know, our country is divided. New leadership means new priorities, and unfortunately our new leadership does not prioritize civil and human rights. We all have a stake in this 4-year-long fight — and Intiman is stepping up. 

Throughout history artists have played a critical role in disrupting political systems and transforming patterns of oppression. With everything happening in our country today, we’re ready to say “this is our role, this is our work, this is our mission”. Knowing what we know, we have no choice but to act through art. 


Responding to this critical need, Intiman is choosing to lead with #love in 2017.
We will go farther, we will do better, we will love harder. Join us.


For example: building on the success of our 2016 partnership with festival Co-Curator Valerie Curtis-Newton, we just announced that we are formalizing our new, inclusive leadership model by bringing on award-winning solo performer and activist Sara Porkalob as our 2017 Co-Curator! Sara is a singular voice in our region, and should be supported in big ways. In turn she will blaze paths for many others while collaborating with Intiman to dismantle white supremacy and inequity in the theatre sector and beyond.

We will produce our 3rd annual Intiman Emerging Artist Program – targeted at developing diverse local and national talent capable of telling new stories from nontraditional perspectives and painting a fresh picture of what relevant, inclusive “American” theatre will look like now and in the future. 
Our 2016 cohort featured 27 intergenerational artists; 73% people of color, 63% female-identified, and 46% LGBTQ. We believe these cohorts of exceptional artists will be the leaders who actually help us to make America great again, despite any damage that may be inflicted over the next four years.

We’ll also be announcing 2017 programming and plays that offer more opportunities than ever for folks of all backgrounds to share space and find common ground via the art of storytelling and theatre-making. In 2017 the plays we’re producing focus on intersectionality — because we believe that when we really see other people, joyfully collaborate, and lead with love we just might be able to change the world. A full season announcement will be revealed at our Feb 18 Launch Party, stay tuned! 

Pictured, left to right: Jay OLeary, Leticia Lopez, Dexter Henderson, Brittany Gilbertson


We don’t have all the answers, and we can’t do this work alone.
We rely on our community to guide our work, and well need YOU to take action alongside us.


For more information about Intiman, visit our website!